Casual Local Deli in Huntington, New York

Stella Blue Bistro in Huntington, New York, serves your favorite home cooked fare with many organic options.

Fresh & Organic Foods

From made to order mini doughnuts served hot, to our signature ice cream, we prepare the freshest and healthiest foods in town. We are located in Huntington Village with plenty of parking available.

Our laidback, Woodstock-inspired décor makes stopping by our bistro a true experience. Enjoy daily specials, and fine foods prepared with the highest quality ingredients. We are serving up all of your favorites including:


• Breakfast Foods
• Pancakes
• Organic Eggs
• Organic Carb-Free Frittatas
• Salads

• Burgers
• Wings
• Hero Sandwiches
• Homemade Meat Balls
• Hummus Platters
• Muffins
• Cookies
• Homemade Ice Cream
Girl Holding Tray - Local Deli, Organic Restaurant

Contact us today to find out about today's daily specials and our

selection of delicious takeout dishes.  Order ahead and save time!